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Belemonti's Pizzeria

2 Reviews

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Belemontis Pizzeria
644 Santa Fe
Denver 644 Santa Fe
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, Southwest,

URL : www.belemontispizzeria.com


Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza is the specialty. We also serve the Italian Bomb, a homemade meatball toasted 8" sub topped with greenpeppers, marinara, mozza and chicago imported Giardiniara. Also serving Italian Sausage Bomb, while your at it, make it a combo. Dessert Cannoli's are made on site, chocolate chip always available, ask about the seasonal cannoli. Yummy garlic bread and brushcettta to get those hunger pains rumblin!

Belemonti's Pizzeria
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Reviews for "Belemonti's Pizzeria"

Mar 5, 2010

Enjoy Delicious Pizza at Belemonti ....

It is hard to give pizza 5 stars, but Belemonti's Pizzeria is really that good. I ordered take-out and the pizza was ready the minute I walked in the door. The crust of the pizza is incredible as it's almost like a crunchy, pastry crust. The red sauce has a good kick, the cheese is great - not too much, and the mushrooms were perfectly moist and holding in their flavor. This is really good pizza. All the qualities I was looking for and I described above. Plus some pleasant suprises. I had a friend that wouldn't eat Italian sausage outside of Chicago because he said it all tasted like crap. I think he would approve of the Italian sausage at belemonti's. It's excellent just like any pizza joint in Berwyn, Pilsen, bucktown, ridgewood or any other place in Chicago. The orange bell peppers on the pizza were a nice touch adding a sweet taste the cayenne pepper and dusting of black pepper. In my mind the best pizza I've had since apizza scholls in Portland spring of 08. Then again i had given up on Denver pizza until now. This place rocks my south-side "White Sox" right off. It's by far my favorite Chicago thin crust in Denver. Everybody knows about the deep dish, but there's something specific that sets Chi-town's thin crust pizza apart. Yes it has the perfectly thin crunchy crust, but it's the sweet and yet spicy sauce that really sets it apart. Belemonti's hit it on the spot. Not only that but they cut the pizza in squares, NOT slices! This makes me uber happy, and reminiscent of home. It's the way pizza was meant to be eaten. You may disagree, but hey you can go write your own review. We ordered a medium Windy City at the recommendation of Tammy, the owner. What a delight Tammy is! She was making pizza in white linen pants and looks nothing like no one I've ever seen making pizza. Extremely friendly and social, she said she opened the place using her parents recipes from their pizza place in Chicago because she was always disappointed in the local pizza options. I felt like I was in a girl friend's kitchen while she whipped me up a pizza.

Mar 9, 2010

Belemonti's nails a thin crust Chicago pizza

This place is pretty darn tasty and the portions are big. We came in here during our pizzeria excursion. We got a drink, salad and personal pan for $8.00. The toppings were delicious and the cheese did that awesome string thing. This pizza did remind me of chuckecheeses though. You can see her making your pizza and it feels good to talk about pizza to somebody who clearly enjoys pizza. I talked to the owner and the countergirl from Minnesota and they were both sweethearts. They even gave my two year old a free cannoli! Don't even get me started about the cannolis! They make the filling in house and they are delicious. They have a list of specials one for everyday of the week. This is the best pizza that I have had since moving to Denver from the Midwest. The crust is thin and crisp and you can taste the fresh tomatoes and spices in the sauce.

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