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Cherry Cricket

2 Reviews

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Cherry Cricket
2641 E 2nd Ave
Denver 80206
Neighborhood: Cherry Creek, Southeast,

URL : www.cherrycricket.com


The Cherry Cricket’s clientele includes working stiffs, old schoolers and shoppers taking a break from chic hunting. It also welcomes a younger crowd, business lunchers, and familes who savor the aforementioned “legendary” status of the Cricket. The Cherry Cricket lives up to the lofty classification and the revered reputation it holds as a bastion of classic neighborhood-bar culture. The bar was actually the living room of her home, which sat where the Sears Auto Center is today. Her customers were mainly garbage truck drivers working at the Denver trash dump, now buried beneath the Cherry Creek Mall site.

Cherry Cricket
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Reviews for "Cherry Cricket"

Mar 5, 2010

Favorite Cricket burger with extra toppings

I'm sure that it's clear based on the 198 reviews prior to this one, that the Cherry Cricket is arguably the best burger joint in town. So, how do I make this review special? I make this review special by revealing that I am a vegetarian, unless I'm at the Cherry Cricket. Oh yes, I'm acutely aware that the cow that I'm eating likely had a horrible life, I understand that my gastrointestinal tract will object the following day in an unpleasant manner. But... best. burger. in. town. love the Cricket, and go about once a month. Their burgers are fantastic and yes the price can add up, but getting a burger made exactly how I want it? The price is sure worth it. I love that they'll cook it medium rare-ecoli, mee-shmoli! Oh and those Frings? Yummy! Is it greasy? For sure, but when I'm getting a half pound of ground beef goodness, I expect nothing less. Even though The Cricket was crazy busy, and seemed chaotic, service was swift, professional, and very orderly. Tables were cleared within seconds of being vacated, and the next on the list seated seconds later. We knew what we wanted and was ready for the server who arrived just seconds after sitting down. Our burgers were just as we ordered it. The frigs worked for us, as I 'm a ring girl, while the hubby goes for the fries. Great laid back atmosphere in an unexpected place! The Cherry Cricket stands out in Cherry Creek as the place where anyone would be welcome. TV's in every corner to watch the game, great selection of beers, and seriously the BEST hamburgers.

Mar 9, 2010

The best burger in Denver

The beer list is great, the green chili is pretty tasty. But who cares, right? They are constantly being labeled the best burger in Denver, so let's talk about that. The avocado and sour cream was the best topping I have ever thought off. Totally a win. (My parents had a salad and they said it was fine but didn't seem too impressed {but they did really like our burgers}) AND my margarita was good too! Burger was melt-in-your mouth delicious. Inside the restaurant was loud and full of screaming kids, which makes me curious why I had to show my ID at the front door? Anyways... lucky enough to get a patio seat and escape the screaming little beasts. This location is great for people watching and bad driver watching. Car trying to park hit the car in front of it 3 times. Awesome and horrible all at once.The rings and fries were perfect too, I really like rings, and these left me sat-is-fied.The fries were totally exactly like good times wild fries, both being Denver establishments this kinda made me wonder if they are friends....or enemies. hmmm... I really don't care, but next time I'm headed to the ol C^2 mall or the Wizards Chest and I got some time to indulge, Im'a get a full size burger, cus these guys are doing it right.

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