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Church of Cupcakes Denver

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Bakeries , Desserts ,

Church of Cupcakes Denver
1489 Steele St Unit C
Denver 80206
Neighborhood: City Park, Southeast,

URL : http://www.churchofcupcakes.com


They figured why not create an entire faith-based community around the notion of a cupcake. They scream in response, “Worshippers Welcome!” And so was born Church of Cupcakes Denver locally sourced, organic, tasty and eco-friendly fun built into all that they do…with a few cupcakes here and there. No harm done.

Like churchgoers to church, cupcakes are something we have faith in. From the bottom of their toes to the tips of their frosting-tipped noses, they make soul happy. So they started it themselves: A faith-based community to celebrate The Cupcake.

Not that Church of Cupcakes ever had the gumption to worship a cupcake…okay, they confess, maybe they have. But there’s something about church that resonates so much with about cupcakes…?  what are you religious about? Whatever it is, just believe. And eat a cupcake. Sure that’ll help you make up your mind.

Church of Cupcakes Denver
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