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Colorado Free University, Denver

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Colorado Free University Denver
7653 E 1st Pl
Denver` 80230
Neighborhood: Southeast,

URL : www.freeu.com


Colorado Free University, Denver is descended from the free speech movement of the 1960s. We are "free" because our teachers are our peers from the community with expertise to freely share with those who wish to learn. Welcome all interested parties to join in providing quality educational seminars for Metro-Denver residents. Colorado Free University, Colorado's largest learning network offering non-credit, enrichment opportunities for adults. The Free University is based on the idea that each community has within it the knowledge and resources needed to solve its own problems. Teachers come from the community; they are people like you--eager to share their passion, experience, and expertise. We connect people with an appetite for learning to teachers who are willing and able to share their knowledge and skills. Courses are held days, evenings, and weekends all over town. CFU strives to make classes accessible to our community and we are committed to keeping our courses reasonably priced. Some instructors donate their teaching because their motivation for presenting a class is the exposure and relationships they can develop or the opportunity to give back to the community. Other instructors teach for a modest percentage of the tuition and understand that a full classroom is the best way to benefit. If your course is accepted, we will work with you to determine appropriate fees.

Colorado Free University, Denver
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Reviews for "Colorado Free University, Denver"

Ester Tober
Aug 9, 2010

Variety of mostly-reasonably-priced classes here

Colorado Free University ?is a great new take on the adult education classes that some colleges offer. The classes are very diverse, from languages, computer applications, art, dance, exercise, spiritual, relationships, financial, travel and much, much, more. Great pricing, great class and can't wait to take another. Only gave 4 stars do to not getting college credit...

Mar 5, 2010

Very diverse classes on the adult education

ake a class in anything. Don't spend much but get a lot. There is anything you can think of taught by everyday folks who know a bit about something. This is a community education group and it reflects that. Very friendly and welcomes the curious, creative, and interested. CFU has sustained Denver with its dedication to continuing education, and its prices are  way cheaper than the bureacracies or the corporate schools.

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