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Denver Bookery Nook

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Denver Bookery Nook
4280 Tennyson St
Denver 80212
Neighborhood: Northwest,

URL : http://www.thebookerynook.com


Denver Bookery Nook probably a day from signing a lease for a retail space in a Safeway strip mall. Certainly nothing wrong with having a retail store in a strip mall, but it wasn't what they wanted for bookshop.

Bookery Nook dreamed of having that neighborhood shop where people (and their dogs) could wander in and feel at home. They wanted to be an integral part of the community. And they just couldn't see that happening at the strip mall. So after weeks of lease negotiations and attorney conferences between tenant and landlord, with pen almost literally poised over paper, they backed out of the deal.

Denver Bookery Nook
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Denver Business


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