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Fun Exercise To Attract Money Fast
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Fun Exercise To Attract Money Fast
If you're trying to attract money with the law of attraction, you are probably using the typical methods like visualization, meditation, affirmations, scripting, and vision boards. All of these techniques can work well, but you don't have to limit yourself to them either. There are endless creative ways to express your intention for more money, including the exercise I'm going to share with you now.Start by thinking of a sum of money you would like to receive in the near future. For best results start with a modest sum - don't jump immediately to umpteen millions. It's important that your existing beliefs can accept this sum. If you aim too high you may inadvertently trigger resistance, which will prevent the exercise from working.If you need money to pay a bill or cover an expense, start with that amount. Anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars should be okay for most people. If you have more experience manifesting money, you may be able to go as high as a few thousand dollars. Listen to your intuition - if the sum you choose makes you feel anxious or doubtful, it's probably too high.Once you have decided on the amount you need, take a slip of paper and write on it: "I intend to receive the sum of $_______ (fill in your dollar amount) to enable me to ____________ (write the reason you need the money). Please deliver the money, means, resources or opportunities that will allow this money into my life. Thank you!"Now close your eyes and hold the slip of paper in your hands for a few minutes. Pretend that the slip of paper is actually cash or a check for the sum you have asked for. Allow feelings of happiness and gratitude to flow as you focus intently on feeling as if you have already received this money. Feel peaceful and satisfied, knowing that you can now cover your bill or expense for which you needed the money.Stay with these feelings for at least a few minutes, even as long as 10 minutes if you like.Then - open your purse or wallet and slip this piece of paper into it so it sticks out slightly. Choose a prominent place for your purse or wallet; perhaps on your kitchen table, fireplace mantel or bedroom bureau. Before you go to sleep, place your purse or wallet in this location, being sure to keep it OPEN, with the slip of paper visible.Before you fall asleep, spend a few minutes thinking about this money and once again feeling happy that you already have it. It does not matter if you don't quite believe that this exercise will work; all that matters is that you're willing to give it a shot and trust that the universe CAN provide this money for you.When you awaken the next morning, go to your purse or wallet and once again hold the slip of paper and feel as if you have already received this sum of money. Express deep gratitude and happiness to the universe, tuck the slip of paper all the way into your purse or wallet and continue with your day feeling lighthearted and confident - just as you would if you did indeed have the money you needed to cover your expenses.If you adored this article and you would like to be given more info about Kasa fiskalna Skanery kodów kreskowych dla większych sklepów lekarza okulisty Drukarki fiskalne w sklepie z antykami prywatnej przychodni; http://www.pomocnik24.pl/, i implore you to visit our site. Repeat this exercise every night and every morning. It may take a few days or even a little longer to work, but before long you should receive some money from unexpected sources. Don't be surprised if smaller sums arrive first - sometimes you may still be a bit resistant to the bigger sums so they will take a little longer, but you may have no trouble manifesting smaller amounts more quickly.Doing this exercise repeatedly can be a powerful addition to your manifesting routine because it helps you to strengthen your intention to receive more money and abundance, AND it helps you to strengthen your belief that the universe will provide everything you need. And the more strongly you believe that, the more it's going to show up in your outer life.
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