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Denver Flossy McGrews

4 Reviews

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Denver Flossy McGrews
1824 S Broadway
Denver 80210
Neighborhood: Southwest,


Flossy McGrew's is a Denver legend with a jaw-dropping collection of some of the most eclectic vintage clothing in the nation. The perfect spot for finding unique Halloween costumes, its dual identity as a neighborhood thrift shop and costume shop makes it a regular shopping destination for many local Denver hipsters. Just from pulling up on the street in front and spotting the skull-and-bone archway and giant foam heads, it's clear that this is a special place. Once inside, patrons can spend all day searching through vintage treasures with the aid of the warm and helpful staff.

Located on Antique Row, Flossy McGrew has an impressive selection. Rack after rack of outfits are surrounded by walls filled with masks, jewelry, hats, shoes, swords and wigs. Each rack is well-marked with the genre of costume it holds, featuring decade-themed wear (the '40s, '50s, etc.), and other styles (gangster, cowboy, medieval, etc.). Display cases in the front of the store are filled with costume jewelry.

Denver Flossy McGrews
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Reviews for "Denver Flossy McGrews"

simmons john
Oct 18, 2011

Fair Prices, Friendly Staff.

Flossy McGrews is a great place to find random vintage clothing. The store has a mix of new and used products. The staff is friendly and the prices are fair. I needed to find an 80's tuxedo shirt for a party and they were the only place in Denver that had it. My girlfriend also found the exact dress she's been wanting for nearly a year here for only $15. The clothes are in good condition and not ratty with armpit stains.

christel buda
Oct 18, 2011

wonderful Place!

It's a wonderful place. Many people I know enjoy this special store for many years, it's  an ideal spot to shop at on a weekly basis.  It has every costume you could dream of and I specially love their selection of wigs and accessories. Although it is dusty, scattered and badly organized but shopping is lots of fun here. The service friendly and helpful and the dressing room adequate enough to try all the amazing dresses on. I highly recommend this store with a statement that their merchandise is high quality and unique. You should do check them out!

Mar 9, 2010

Thye've Great Everything

Flossy McGrews I think is a vintage playground. It is the most incredible place I have gone vintage shopping at. I went here with a friend who had also recommended this store. I was pretty amazed at all the stuff they had..From great clothing, accessories to hats, wigs, costumes, trophies and lots of other stuff. Here I found a polka dot dress from 1919 that' s really modern looking and a Victorian blouse that goes well with my favorite jeans. I fell in love with the store on my first visit. As for the staff, they are really helpful and nice and the quality of the clothes is excellent. I will definitely be back for more…….

Carla Willis
Aug 14, 2012

Nice Store, Wonderful Stuff

Flossy McGrews is remarkable. Went last week and purchased a perfect fur cape at an incredible price for a party. Their inventory is to die for if you love vintage, and I'm talking about the amazing 20s and 30s pieces, but there's clothing from the 50s, 60s and 70's as well. I also went through their wedding dresses section and they have gorgeous dresses and beautiful headpieces. If you really love vintage, you must visit this store. Don't expect thrift store prices but they aren't very pricey either. The merchandise is reasonably priced for its age and condition. I give this store 5 stars for the great stuff!!!

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