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Denver Squire Lounge

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Denver Squire Lounge
1800 E Colfax Ave
Denver 80218
Neighborhood: Northeast,


There are few legendary dives left in Colorado, and the Denver Squire Lounge is one of them. Nestled into the corner of Williams and Colfax, the sprawling Squire caters to anyone who wants to take in the sights and sounds. It's all in a day's work emphasis on day in the large space, where windows let in ample light to shine upon the long shuffleboard table, foosball field and mural of Colfax's icons. By night, the crowd loosens up a bit especially on the weekends, or on the Squire's now-famous Tuesday comedy night to include all ages and backgrounds. But, yes, even on the busiest night, there's still a pretty good chance you will hear a dude talking to himself while he drinks his cheap Bud.

The Squire Lounge continues to draw both legions and lesions. A veritable test lab for different types of humans from hipster to hep C, transient to tranny the Squire is the type of bar that welcomes all with open arms, provided you're not openly toting arms. Add to this mix a healthy crop of some of Denver's best comics ready and able to pounce on an unruly crowd, and the shows are always entertaining.

Denver Squire Lounge
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