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Denver Wax Trax Records

3 Reviews

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Denver Wax Trax Records
638 E 13th Ave
Denver 80203
Neighborhood: Southwest, Capitol Hill,

URL : http://www.waxtraxrecords.com


Thirty Years ago, two Goth and New Wave audiophiles started infamous little store in the heart of Denver with a label under the name Wax Trax Records.

Now, they were into all the music from every new niche: trendy stuff from England and Europe, all the mainstream titles, and all the vintage records we could find. Denver Wax Trax Records were selling Elvis bootlegs to old women with blue hair and bowling shoes, Dead Boys albums to guys with spiked hair and dog collars, and Eagles records to kids from the suburbs. Then the ’80s hit, and they weren’t selling songs anymore: theywere selling identities. Music was even more vital, more exciting and important.

If a musician invented it, Wax Trax Records probably carry it. And if don’t, they will find it. They have thousands of titles from classic jazz to desert rock. They specialize in vintage, vinyl and obscure 45s. So come in and browse by title or artist, and, for those really tough to find items.

Denver Wax Trax Records
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Reviews for "Denver Wax Trax Records"

Mar 15, 2010

One of my Favorite Place!

Wax Trax is my favorite place for music hunting in Denver. Although the selection isn't huge, but is very good.  On my first visit here, I was really amazed by how up to date their Disco Edits section was.  Had titles stocked that had just came out 2-3 weeks prior from overseas. On my last visit 2 weeks ago, I wish I would have had time to really dig into this store but will surely make time next time I'm in Denver. here I have seen a lot of vinyl gold at very reasonable prices.  If Disco Edits, Nudisco, Slomo or Beatdown is your thing, then I suggest you go check this spot out!  

Mar 15, 2010

Nice staff, Reasonable prices

When I think of a record store, Wax Trax comes to my mind. T I have found a LOT of vinyl here that I haven't found other places.   This store has a huge section of racks upon racks of punk, indie, and metal type releases that really caters to my musical tastes.  Even their used section puts most stores to shame. But let me also admit that Wax Trax is not for everyone.  Popular music fans would probably be better off.  Their prices are reasonable and the staff is nice and not overbearing! I would give them 4 stars.

Mar 15, 2010

Perfect for music lovers

Wax Trax is just perfect. I have been able to find many gems of music ( that I had been looking for, for years) by just browsing around.   They have good selection for both used and new music and the prices are really good too. It’s a privately owned business and I support it wholeheartedly!

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