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Independent Records and Video Store Denver

4 Reviews

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Independent Records and Video Store Denver
937 E Colfax Ave
Denver 80218
Neighborhood: Uptown, Northwest,

URL : http://www.beindependent.com


Independent Records and Video is the store with the big, beautiful display windows filled with big, beautiful photographs of African-American recording artists is one sign of urban life in D-town.

Independent Records and Video Store carries an impressive selection of music in every genre it's the only place in town where you can satiate a midnight Big Star jones on a Tuesday but its primary trade is hip-hop and R&B. True, white kids could be the ones who are buying it all up, but who really cares? As the only storefront on Colfax to proudly represent black culture, Independent gets a big holla.

Independent Records and Video Store Denver
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Reviews for "Independent Records and Video Store Denver"

Jessie Mendonca
Aug 9, 2010

Wonderful Store, Nice Staff

I Love music and I love Independent Records and Video Store. If I went there as often as should then I would definitely end up living on streets because I would spend all my money buying loads of records from them. This place is amazing with everything from  cds, dvd's, vinyl  records, video games in every genre there is. The best thing about them is that they also support local music and musicians. The staff is really wonderful and leave you to browse peacefully until asked for their help. Independent Records also have a good huge selection of used cds, dvds and video games that helps one save a lot of money. I recommend this amazing store with 5 stars!

Mar 12, 2010

Nice Place!

Independent Records is one of those wonderful stores that will most likely have whatever you need in music, every genre. Their lists are well-acurated, and it's always useful to check out their new releases stacks. I have often done my shopping online too, and their customer service and shipping is exceptional. I've never had a problem. Furthermore, I have also traded music here and they handle your CDs fairly and don't force you to make a trade. They're clear about their offers, quick to review your stuff, and friendly about the whole deal. Probably the most honest 5 stars service!!!!!

Daniel Roston
Mar 12, 2010

They've nice selection

I'm really glad that this is my local music shop.  The employees are always very polite and trained, yet easygoing.  Although I'm a pop fan and usually shop for this particular genre but I always manage to find some good stuff that I haven't seen at other stores.  Their used records have their condition accurately marked and the new arrivals rotate pretty consistently.  As for the pricing of their used records, it is very good. They even have a web site where you check out their stock online. I recommend Independent Records to those who are looking for used quality records at reasonable rates.

Eunice white
Aug 9, 2010

Love This Place!

I love this place! They have a pretty good variety of vinyl with decent prices. The staff is also pretty friendly. They also order stuff in for you if they don't have it in stock, which is helpful. A really good neighborhood record shop.

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