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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt ,

1512 Larimer St
Denver 80202
Neighborhood: Lodo, Northwest,

URL : www.kuulture.com/


Luscious, creamy and satisfying. That’s one way to describe kuulture frozen yogurt. We love kuulture for its flavor and its simple, natural goodness. Besides the exceptional taste, we are proud to tell you that kuulture is incredibly healthful and nutritious. Unlike some frozen yogurts, kuulture contains live and active cultures for good health. Studies suggest that the live and active cultures in yogurt aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system. Based on studies in countries where yogurt consumption is high, researchers have found that yogurt may even help to lower cholesterol and the risk of certain types of cancer. Even individuals who are lactose intolerant typically can digest frozen yogurt without any of the side effects common among other milk products.

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Reviews for "Kuulture"

Nellie Thorton
Aug 9, 2010

Hawaiian Taro = Great

??I appreciated Kuulture's genuine yogurt flavored yogurt. I like a good sour frozen yogurt. Mochi is a must-have topping which they had, but it was quite a bit different than the mochi I am used to. Nonetheless it was enough to introduce to the first-timers. ?

Robert Webber
Sep 6, 2010

Interesting flavors, delicious yogurt, and locally owned

?Initially I got really excited about their Hawaiian Taro flavor but the sample tasted off centered and too mild to detect. In its place, I ordered their medium ($4.50) with a choice of Peanut Butter and Original flavors, and a small scoop of strawberries topping laced at the top (95 cents). The cup was noticeably smaller than Pinkberry's medium and the topping was too few for it to last till the bottom. The peanut butter flavor was faint with a desirable smooth creamy texture that was unfortunately quick to melt, and the original tart was icy and slushy of which did not mesh well with the half-melted peanut butter. The inconsistencies across their flavors were noticeable, while the weaknesses of each were quickly exposed once the topping were gone.?

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