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Paramount Cafe Denver

3 Reviews

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Paramount Cafe Denver
519 16th St
Denver 80202
Neighborhood: Northwest, CBD,

URL : http://www.paramountcafe.com


Paramount café located at 519 16th St is a trendy diner with a sports bar. Serving everything from lunch, brunch, dinner to party menus, this place is always filled with local customers and new ones who come for its popular American cuisine with a slight international flavor to it. Mouth watering menu include Skillet Nachos, Falafel, Smoked Trout Plate, grilled pupusas, Cubano sandwiches, Kobe beef burgers topped with lobster and many more delicacies that will get you coming for more. Happy-hour specials run all week, from 4 to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. until closing time and the full menu is served until 1 a.m. 

Paramount Cafe Denver
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Reviews for "Paramount Cafe Denver"

Nathan Cheatham
Sep 6, 2010

Delicious experience

Went with friends last month as a going away party before I move to Syracuse, and it was the perfect choice indeed. Drinks were absolutely immaculate although took a while to be served.  Getting into the cafe was quite fortunate on our part as we were a group of 6 and the place seemed to be full when we got there. I would definitely advice that you don't plan on bigger groups without reservation or you'll be in for a long wait. Coming to the décor, it's beautiful and the music is eclectic. The food here was good, almost everything we ordered was worth trying again. This café also has a large selection of drinks and the prices are quite reasonable for the downtown area. Paramount Café is absolutely an experience to check out and I'm glad that I did.

Melvin Steward
Sep 6, 2010

They make the best Bison Burgers

Bison Burger drives me to Paramount café again and again. They make the best Bison  burgers in the downtown area. Have my office in the same neighborhood and I make it a point to have lunch here often. I first came here with a colleague 2 months back and was won over by their delicious fish and chips. Next week, I tried their Bison burger and have been hooked ever since. It doesn't mean that I haven't tried anything else. I have enjoyed their falafels and various other burgers too. As for their novelty drinks, the fishbowl and the guppy bowl, well these are really fun too.  The service is amazing and fast and the atmosphere is very nice. I would however give them 4 stars because of the indoor seating, it is not the best and there's so little space between the tables. I advice that you get a patio seating for a better experience of the café!

Toby Moran
Sep 6, 2010

Slow service, Low space

Quite frankly, there are other places in the downtown area with better beer and good food. I have been to Paramount twice and have found the place to be too cramped, food unimpressive and service too slow. On my first visit ( I was here with a friend on her suggestion) we ordered Trio of dips for an appetizer, a prime rib sandwich for me and a burger (14'er) for my friend. The burger tasted ok but was nothing great and my prime rib sandwich was disappointing as well and it seemed cold too. We were let down by the food. Big Nose, their specialty beer saved the day because we both liked it.  Anyways, I was here again few days ago with my fiancée this time and thought I might give this place another try. My views haven’t changed at all. The food was disappointing like before. The only thing worth mentioning is the horseradish dipping sauce for the sweet potato fries….it was delicious! Another issue- the only bathroom they have is the one upstairs which really isn't fair. I wouldn’t be going to this place again.

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