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Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe

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Rise And Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe
330 Holly St
Denver 80220
Neighborhood: Southeast,

URL : www.riseandshinedenver.com


Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe specializes in southern style, buttermilk biscuit based sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. We also offer a full coffeehouse menu with drip coffees and espresso based drinks. Established in 2010 Inspired by the small spots throughout the South that offer simple biscuit sandwiches, Rise & Shine was opened to help displaced Southerners and other biscuit lovers in Denver get their biscuit on.

Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe
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Reviews for "Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe"

Mar 5, 2010

This place is fantastic .....

Great place! Nice and cozy and actually I LOVE how efficient the place is when you consider there are 2 businesses running out of 1 building and sharing the space, way to go! So the biscuit of the day was a curry biscuit, i sampled a bit and it was tasty, but wasn't feeling in a curry mood for my biscuit so I went for a basic biscuit sandwich which was great! My husband did do the curry biscuit for his sandwich and let me have a bite, and wow, I was impressed (both that my down-home husband would do curry in the AM and at the taste of the biscuit), it all came together so nicely with the egg & cheese--tasty! he food tasted and smelled divine. I was temped to order another but I knew that the boyfriend and I would be having lunch in only a couple hours (it WAS already 10:30AM when we arrive at Rise and Shine). I greedily gobbled up my biscuit sandwich and was hooked! I admit it I am a biscuit convert! Next time I go I plan on getting the biscuit with the fried chicken on top! OH YUM! The food ROCKED and the lattes hit the spot! On top of all that, the staff (which included Seth and his sister that particular day) were wonderful! It seemed that all the guest were happy they came. One family even ventured all the way from Greeley just to try a biscuit at Rise and Shine! 'm a huge fan of southern cooking and biscuits are the perfect symbol of the best the south has to offer. We're talking a very simple recipe, but like any great place that transcends the norm...it's all about the execution. The way they treat the dough is next to heaven. As an amateur baker, I know the secret to any good dough is not overworking it. It needs to just come together enough and then the trick is to stop messing with it. Many bakers in town screw this part up, but Rise and Shine takes it to another level. You can see every fluffy layer in the airy biscuit as you pull it apart...and every layer is just one more section of true love. Good stuff.

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