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SAME Cafe Denver

7 Reviews

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American (Traditional) ,

2023 E Colfax Ave
Denver 80238
Neighborhood: Southeast,

URL : http://www.soallmayeat.org


Same Cafe is a pay at will, non profit restaurant situated near the intersection of Colfax Ave. and Race St. in Denver. It is a precious joint that opened up in 2007, where all the food is made from scratch and anyone’s welcome to eat regardless of the ability to pay. SAME stands for “So All May Eat.” The delicious organic menu consists of items like Garlic and Feta, Eggplant and Roasted Red Pepper, superb pizzas and many more. The best thing is the fact that you will not see a price attached to anything. Instead, all customers are asked to pay whatever they think the meal was worth through donation into a box.

The Birkys
through this restaurant have created a fun place to hang out and built a strong community by providing food for all in Denver.

SAME Cafe Denver
Added By: Brad Birky


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Reviews for "SAME Cafe Denver"

Mar 5, 2010

SAME cafe' is amazing ....

Places like SAME Café show that the spirit of generosity is still alive and kickin. Have an hour to spare, extra kitchen supplies, or a little extra cash? Or maybe you're just looking for a quick place to grab a bite? Then you can be a part of this little Colfax restaurant that provides meals on a donation basis to anyone who walks through the door. So All May Eat. Indeed! I was expecting food to be simple and boring, totally wrong. All food prepared from scratch, with wholesome ingredients, very simple ingredients but well combined. Today's menu had a choice of salads, coleslaw or spinach pear salad, made with baby spinach leaves, pears, blue cheese crumbles, and balsamic vinaigrette. Two options for soup, a chili for meat eaters and minestrone for vegetarians, it's awesome seeing that they have options! Couple kinds of pizza, both of them using wholegrain pie crust; barbeque chicken pizza, and feta with artichoke hearts pizza, both of them very simple yet delicious. SAME cafe' is amazing in the benefits it shares with so many. Walk inside the now-expanded space and friendly, smiling faces greet you from behind the counter. There is a menu board which lists the menu for the day. Usually there are two soups, two types of salads, and two different kinds of pizza available each day. You are free to choose what you would like to eat, and if it is ready, they will serve you promptly, or in my case, bring a fresh slice of pizza to you at your table. The food here is quite tasty, organic, and fresh. Diners bus their own table, contributing to the cleanliness of this wonderful space.

Mar 9, 2010

Good price ... Good food ...

This place is the coolest place I have discovered this summer so far. I've only been once as of yet, but I plan on frequenting this place in the future. The staff I've seen so far was incredibly friendly. It makes me want to stop by just to enjoy the scene. The menu changes daily, and features natural and organic foods. Choose from soup, salad, and pizza, all created by hand. Speaking from the volunteering side, I can attest that everything is fresh and high-quality. The day I worked, the menu featured bbq chicken pizza and artichoke pizza, coleslaw or spinach salad with pear and gorgonzola, and either chili or minestrone soup. Food was good but my review goes for the work they do, in helping less fortunate to eat. At Same, I'd served families with small kids, well dressed people, few executives, and less fortunate people; regardless, you should go to SAME get to know their culture, maybe eat some, maybe volunteer, maybe donate some, but most importantly, get involved with this great concept and be humanitarian!

Melvin Steward
Sep 6, 2010

The place is all volunteer run

I’ve fallen in love with the concept of SAME Café where you pay what you can afford. It’s an amazing place where the owner couple is dedicated to feed all they can. The place is all volunteer run and the food offered is donation based where one can volunteer an hour of his or her time to make up for the cost of the food eaten here. The food is outstanding and made with organic, quality ingredients. I didn’t know a place such as this existed until a friend took me there. I ended signing up to volunteer along with my friend that day and I’ve been a regular to this restaurant ever since.

Susane Lowe
Aug 9, 2010

I’ve found this place amazing

I was introduced to SAME when I read an article about it and wanted to check it out myself. I’ve found this place amazing and their income based concept, a unique and good cause. They have a daily menu of balanced meal that is fantastic and made up of fresh organic ingredients. I had a light soup with salad that had goat cheese-delicious! I recommend this café any day and when you are there remember to put a little extra in the jar on the counter because you can afford to!

William Moon
Sep 7, 2010

We left dissatisfied and still hungry

I did not have a good experience with the Same Café although I admire the CONCEPT of this place. Visited them last month with my wife and left dissatisfied and still hungry. The pizza slices were quite small and the house salad was ordinary. We had a second lunch after leaving the place. I feel the food was worth less than the amount I placed in the jar. Maybe it was just an off day for the restaurant but I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.

Mildred Clouse
Aug 9, 2010

Good place serving Denver with healthy food

A totally new idea. Same café is an awesome place serving Denver with healthy and filling food that anyone can afford. The place is funded by donations and run by volunteers. There are no prices, no menu and no wait staff at this restaurant; you just tell them what you want from the laid out menu. The exceptional thing about this place is that you can pay what you can afford or can volunteer time in the kitchen in exchange for the healthy meal that you had. This way, anyone who does not have funds to eat can have a meal here without worrying about paying because someone else who can afford to pay will certainly do so minutes later. Brad and Libby the owner couple have done a splendid job by opening their doors for everyone at Same Café. I’ve volunteered here and will soon be bringing my 2 teen nephews here too.

Elizabeth Bealin
Mar 28, 2012

Cute place with a great mission...

I first heard about SAME Café, which stands for ‘So All May Eat,’ when I read an article on it in Westword about three years ago; and I’ve been meaning to go ever since. It is owned by a local couple and it is a nonprofit whose mission statement is “serving good food for the greater good.”  The idea is a customer pays what they can, and if that’s nothing at all then they can help out with some chores or in the kitchen instead. They state on their website (www.soallmayeat.org/good-food/) that 90% of their ingredients are purchased from local, organic farmers. They have been open since 2006 and do lunch only Mon-Sat from 11am-2pm. I have actually been to another non-profit restaurant, The Comfort Café, a few times prior to visiting SAME, but the similarities end at the economic/community concept.
It is located at 2023 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver, which I was happy to discover is in a cute little shopping area next to the Mulberries Bakery, the funky Herbs and Arts shop, and a yoga studio. Colfax tends to scare me as little at times, especially since I ride the bus, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Their menu is different every day and can be checked online by 9am-ish. It always consists of about six items: a meat or a veggie pizza slice option, 2 side salads, and a meat or a veggie soup. Even though the format is the same, they are very creative with their recipes. On the beautiful sunny spring day that I went they were serving asparagus soup, BBQ chicken or Greek pizza, an orzo and a fruit salad. They do have a few tables out front and Wi-Fi available. I am a notoriously picky eater, vegetarian (not vegan), and I have lived and eaten in many places including: New York City, New Jersey, San Francisco, Arizona, and San Diego. I have been a waitress many times and have also worked as a catering server at various upscale events for a few years in Denver. I love to go out to eat, and I enjoy trying new places and foods out - I seek a little adventure. Too me what is most important in an establishment is the atmosphere, more in the way that the place feels rather than looks, and the quality of the food. SAME is in a small space, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are claustrophobic, but it is cheerful and warm. I walked into this brightly painted yellow place with inspirational sayings all over the walls, and put my order in at the counter. You can see the kitchen there open in front of you, and since it just got a brand new remodel donated, it is very nice and professional looking. There was around five or six smiley down to earth looking volunteers working in it, and a counterperson took and served my order.  I had read that the pizza slices were too small but she did ask me if I would like two. I took my food over to a table and looked around. There were business people at a big table, a group of travelers with backpacks, some older motherly type ladies chattering away, and a few down on their luck seeming customers who were sweeping and washing the windows. The floors and tables were very clean and there were large green plants in the front windows. First I had the salads, which were quite yummy and well done. The orzo salad had chickpeas, onions, and a smoky flavored sauce. The veggie Greek pizza consisted of a wheat crust, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and artichokes. It was a little dried out but nicely flavored. The asparagus soup was also quite good, just not at first because it had a bit of an odd, well, chewy asparagus texture to it that needed a cracker or roll. I went up to the serve yourself drinks bar which had iced tea, water, and coffee. One of the owners walked through and greeted some of the customers that she seemed to really know. I felt like it was a place that has many regulars that live nearby. I had forgotten to ask for their infamous sugar cookie so I went back and got one. I don’t really like sugar cookies, but this was a  thick chewy-warm-vanilla-icing-goodness like I had never had before, and I could’ve eaten a dozen, except for that it did seem like it’s rude to ask for seconds. I put what money I thought was a fair donation and a little more in the wooden slot box, and the other owner thanked me on my way out. It felt good to help someone else down on their luck be able to eat a really ‘decent’ meal, and I will definitely be back again. 

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