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The Denver Egotist

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The Denver Egotist

Denver 80238
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill, Southwest,

URL : www.thedenveregotist.com


The Denver Egotist is an anonymously-run website featuring the best creative, the best talent and the best resources in Denver – keeping it all in the greater context of what’s happening internationally. Their intent is to foster growth in this city, both professionally and conceptually. ?

In order to promote creative growth in Denver, one must admit the city is conceptually stunted. It’s not on the tip of any tongues, and for good reason. Safe solutions, droll concepts. It is their belief, as creative participants in this city, that the opportunity for change lies at our feet and that it can happen by challenging one another, by holding each other accountable for our work, and by hiring and promoting local talent. This is their attempt to foster big ideas and radical thinking on a local level. To remind us all why we love this job. To promote the best work and ideas in Colorado. This is The Denver Egotist, a means to an end.

The Denver Egotist
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Reviews for "The Denver Egotist"

Mildred Clouse
Aug 9, 2010

Living in the shadows with what Egotist believe

The Denver Egotist, the premier locally focused ad blog in the U.S. (and one of the better ad blogs period), is looking to extend its brand by helping other cities around the world create their own Egotist blogs to form a fully fledged Egotist Network. Sounds frightening, but it's really just a blogging platform that creatives in other cities can use to get blogs about the local creative scene up and running "quickly, effectively and profitably." The Denver kids are now accepting applications to be part of the network. and see the platform in action at the newly redesigned? Ben Pieratt, creative director for The Egotist Network, says: "Very few existing sites promote their local creative scene. Given our experience with Denver and the conversations we're currently having with other cities, this is something that's clearly in high demand wherever you live."

Daniel Roston
Mar 12, 2010

Denver's top creative and rich talent pool

While the Denver Egotist has formed some kind of creative community in Denver, it's done only just that. It only promotes local creatives that are known to be from Denver (with the exception of CP&B) and highlights work done by others in the bigger cities that they only wish they had done.Rather the Egotist isn't perfect, they've done a really really great job of highlighting solid creative work being made in Colorado. I challenge critics to offer up an alternative way of keeping an active critical as well as supportive conversation going. CO creative work continues to improve. The Egotist deserves credit for helping us suck less.

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