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Thunderbird Lounge Denver

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Thunderbird Lounge Denver
721 Quebec Street
Denver 80220
Neighborhood: Southeast,


Thunderbird Lounge Denver is a classic neighborhood dive bar with wizened regulars propping up the bar, a rickety pool table and heavily poured cheap booze and that's exactly why we love it. Throw in some really good traditional bar food and a happy hour that takes their already wallet friendly prices down to the point where you almost feel guilty drinking at this Denver bar and Thunderbird Lounge is one of the best places to get back to your sullied drinking roots.

If you live in east Denver, you've probably passed the Thunderbird Lounge at the Spitfire Grill a hundred times without really noticing it. From the outside, it looks like any other divey watering hole located in a strip mall. But on the inside, the Spitfire is an unusual mix: a family-friendly restaurant serving new patrons from Lowry on one side has been grafted onto an old-school bar with cheap drinks and a lineup of regulars from Montclair, Hilltop and Virginia Vale on the other. But the cozy booths, frank, friendly service, daily specials and outstanding burgers and wings have turned those families into regulars too.

If you enjoy cheap alcohol in a barely-up-to-building code atmosphere, then the Thunderbird Lounge may be the place for you. With food and drinks so cheap, the T-bird has no need for a happy hour. Entertainment at T-bird's is limited to the regaled war stories of any one of the regulars or a game of billiards on a pool table that can hardly manage its own weight. If you are up for an evening where you are the stranger in a familiar crowd, then Thunderbrd Lounge is your next destination.

Thunderbird Lounge Denver
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