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Twist & Shout

5 Reviews

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Books, Mags, Music and Video ,

2508 E. Colfax Ave
Denver 80206
Neighborhood: Northeast, City Park,

URL : http://twistandshout.com/


Twist & Shout at the Colfax Ave is the best place to buy CDs, DVDs, Records, video games and other related stuff that you might want to look for.  They are famous for containing a huge selection of music CDs and Vinyl selection with live performances of various artists on a regular basis. The store also offers exciting gifts for sale throughout the store.

Twist & Shout
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Reviews for "Twist & Shout"

Mar 5, 2010

Amazing store, HUGE selection of lots of everything, lots to listen to before you buy.

Kind of feels like you walked into John Cusack's music store in "High Fidelity" so I was a little scared to be judged or yelled at for buying Trance/Dance/Electronica music......but they had a fantastic selection of Dance music that tends to not happen at Best Buy etc. so I had to jump on it. Minus one star for the whoppin' $25 DVD's - YEOW!

Maria Jones
Aug 9, 2010

Superb selection of Jam band cd's

I recently visited Twist & Shout for the first time, and it was a very cool experience. You will find so many different music genres housed within these walls. I don’t remember for how long I was in the store but when I came out, I had a few superb selection of Jam band cd's that I wanted to try out. I’ll be definitely going back, for sure.

Robert Webber
Sep 6, 2010

Hard to find stuff like the oldies

For the more music savvy person, this store isn't the best in town. You will certainly find a huge selection of hard to find stuff like the oldies or rare LPs or imports by contemporary bands. But you will not find a large selection of popular stuff from the 80s and 90s especially the works of the alternative bands of that time. I’ve often visited the store looking for the music of artists of this era but couldn’t find anything. Overall its a nice store but not my favorite.

Eunice white
Aug 9, 2010

Twist & Shout have a lot of listening station

Great staff that knows the store and music like the back of their hands. People you could actually hang out and listen to music with. I love this place and there’s no other music store that I would rather go to. They have a huge selection of everything from new and used CD's, to LP's and DVD, etc. They might even have something for your grandma- superb oldies selection. You can also buy used vintage stereo equipment from this store. Twist & Shout also have a lot of listening stations, so you can be sure that you are not buying anything scratched or damaged.

Toby Moran
Sep 6, 2010

One of the coolest pop music shops

I recently read a review about this store, ‘If you have not been here at least once, you are missing a MAJOR shopping experience in Denver’. I recently visited the place and yes, I totally agree with the person. Twist and Shout has a huge selection of new and used CD’s, collectibles, toys, LP’s and oddball DVDs that is just amazing. I visited the music store with my girlfriend and we are both totally in to this place now. It is one of the coolest pop music shops we’ve ever been to.

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