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Waffle Brothers Denver

6 Reviews

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Breakfast & Brunch ,

Waffle Brothers
393 Corona St
Denver 80218
Neighborhood: Southwest, Alamo Placita,

URL : www.wafflebrothers.com


For all those Waffle lovers out there in Denver there is no better place for a hearty breakfast than the Waffle Brothers. Established in 2010, this unique spot is owned by John Power and Rod Dupen, who went from real estate to creating mouth watering waffles. Their specialty is fantastic tasting sugar Waffle which was developed right here in Denver and its sweetness comes from specially imported nib sugar from Belgium.
Waffle Brothers other assorted breakfast items include bagels, burritos, sandwiches, eggs and bacon, sausages, superb espresso, coffee, and lattes. They also carry gluten free waffles, bagels, bread and desserts that are equally wonderful. If you have not visited Waffle Brothers yet, try now. You will just love those sweet melting waffles.?

Waffle Brothers Denver
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Reviews for "Waffle Brothers Denver"

Mar 5, 2010

Waffle lovers, rejoice!....

So I mean, the waffles are pretty good, but it wasn't otherworldly. They got my order wrong and forgot my drink... They were nice enough to refund my $ without my asking so that was cool, but I left with a not so sweet taste in my mouth.

Mar 9, 2010

Love this place . . . . . Always yummy!

Before being taken under the Waffle Bros. umbrella it was called Daphne's Deli. Thankfully, all of the healthy, homemade delciousness of Daphne's has stayed with the added bonus of waffles! I love their sandwiches and when in doubt on what to eat for lunch, I often find myself wandering over to this place again and again. They offer a half-sandwich/salad combo, which is great if you're not feeling like a massive meal. There's a ton of sandwich choices and every single one I have had has been tasty. m not really into super sweet breakfast food so I opted for the BreakMest - egg, meat, and cheese served on a waffle. You can only get the egg poached and you have no other choice. Helpful tip to the uninitiated, the waffles here are fairly sweet enough thanks to the sugar they use. Consider that when contemplating the toppings you choose to add. Unless you like massive sweetness, stick with the basics.

firyal maisa
Oct 18, 2011

Waffle topped with your choice of meat

The waffles are phenomenal and the prices are great. If you are a person like me who digs sweetness in the morning then this is the place for you. 90% of their menu consists of waffles served with fruit, cream cheese, honey, syrups, chocolate, whipped creams and a lot of other variations. For those who like non sweet breakfast serving can opt for the BreakMest which is a waffle topped with your choice of meat, cheese, and an egg. These are just as delicious. I have been here for breakfast many times and just love the place. Have yet to try their bagel and regular sandwiches served at lunch though. I usually order coffee with my breakfast but Waffle Brothers offer latte selections, fountain drinks, and hot tea options. I heartily recommend this place and give it 4 stars.

simmons john
Oct 18, 2011

Id recommend if you're in a hurry

I have been living near this place for 3 months and wonder why I didn’t try it before. Went with a friend this Sunday morning as it is her favorite breakfast place. She ordered her usual while I ordered the Democrat which had cream cheese and nutella. If you are a first timer then their awesome waffle selection can be too much. You can ask the staff to help you select though. I was glad I had my friend to help me out there. Boy was my breakfast delicious. The only issue was that we had to wait about 30 minutes for food but maybe that was because it was a Sunday morning and this place was starting to crowd up. I’d recommend if you're in a hurry, check them out during the week. As for me, I will certainly be going back to try their other waffle varieties.

christel buda
Oct 18, 2011

Great food and friendly attentive service

I love the Waffle Brothers and will continue to be a regular here. My husband and kids are all fans of this superb place that has great food and very friendly and attentive service. My kids haven’t gone past their favorite waffle with strawberries, whipped cream and nutella yet but my husband and I have tried other varieties and those are just yummy. From what I know, they use a special Belgium rock sugar that gives that delightful crunchy taste to the waffles. The coffee is just amazing too.  2 thumbs up!

amanda jones
Oct 18, 2011

They had forgotten about the coffees

I don’t have a good experience of breakfast at the waffle Brothers. Went my gf and although the service was friendly and the breakfast good, we encountered so many setbacks that the experience turned sour. First, we had to wait for a while to get a table, then our coffees took a while, infact they had forgotten about the coffees and I had to go and ask for it. Then we had to wait further half an hour for our waffles which were good except for the eggs that were not poached well. The restaurant space is too small, and chaotic. I don’t think we will be back.

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